Michael Song


Thanks to Elisa Visher in the Boots Lab for this great photo.

Hello, lucky reader! I am a first year graduate student in Integrative Biology. I recently graduated with a BA from Reed College where I majored in biochemistry and molecular biology “supervised” by Sarah Schaack and sometimes by Jeremy Coate. My main research interests lie in understanding the role of polyploidy in plant evolution, uncovering the patterns and processes of bias gene retention and loss following polyploidy, and (re)assessing the methods we use to infer paleopolyploidy events (like Ks plots). However, I am excited about a lot of things, including: transposable elements, the use of Twitter in science communication, the history of botany, bocce ball, and anything fern related.

For a CV and more fun news, please see my Personal Website.

For a complete publication list, please see my Google Scholar profile.

Digital Contact:
michael_song [at] berkeley [dot] edu