Abby Jackson-Gain

Hello! I’m Abby, a second year UC Berkeley undergraduate majoring in Integrative Biology and Geology.

The proud owner of a baby Encephalartos horridus – a cycad in the family Zamiaceae

I am a recently converted plant lover after taking Carl’s plant sytematics class. My interests are currently very broad; I can get excited about anything natural history (but specifically plants and rocks!)

Ever since I was young, I have had a love for all things aquatic, stemming from my childhood obsession with stingrays. I grew up in Santa Barbara, California where I regularly frequented the local tide pools and volunteered at an aquarium, feeding the sharks¬†and rays. It wasn’t until coming to Berkeley that my eyes were opened to the botanical and geological wonders of the world! In addition to my pet fish, I now have a growing collection of plants and rocks to keep me company.


You can reach me by email at abigailjackson-gain[at]berkeley[dot]edu